• Jim Jefferies

    Jim Jefferies

    Sunday 12th Jun - 6:15pm

    Jim Jefferies, Australia’s most famous expat rock star comedian, political commentator, TV show anchor and writer, is returning to Australia for the first time in...

  • Bach


    Monday 27th Jun - 8:00pm

    JS Bach’s Double Violin Concerto is the glowing centrepiece of a Bach family reunion that celebrates this greatest of all musical dynasties. It is justly...

  • T&K Live

    Trixie & Katya Live! 2022

    Friday 1st Jul - 8:00pm

    In The Dark Presents TRIXIE & KATYA LIVE! 2022

    Thelma and Louise. Romy and Michelle. Trixie and Katya. “Trixie and Katya Live” is a parody...

  • The Archduke

    The Archduke

    Thursday 21st Jul - 7:00pm

    Selby & Friends welcomes home our own Natalie Chee after a 2 year absence to join Julian Smiles in this exciting program starting with the...

  • A Winter’s Journey

    A Winter’s Journey

    Wednesday 27th Jul - 7:00pm

    Connect with Schubert’s famous Winterreise in A Winter’s Journey, a new stage production from Musica Viva Australia. Composed in 1827, Schubert set Wilhelm Müller against...

  • The Crowd & I

    The Crowd & I

    Saturday 6th Aug - 8:00pm

    The Crowd & I is a passion project that’s been brewing for over a decade as Richard Tognetti, director Nigel Jamieson and cinematographer Jon Frank...

  • Z.E.N. Trio

    Z.E.N. Trio

    Thursday 18th Aug - 7:00pm

    With fiery passion and heart-wrenching emotion, the intensely expressive musicians in Z.E.N. Trio come together for a rare and unforgettable performance with Musica Viva Australia....

  • In The Shadow of War

    In The Shadow of War

    Monday 22nd Aug - 7:00pm

    The surprising connection between the three works on this program is that of wartime conflict and how it impacted each composer. In the case

  • Avi Avital & Giovanni Sollima

    Avi Avital & Giovanni Sollima

    Wednesday 5th Oct - 7:00pm

    Take an intriguing musical journey around the Mediterranean, with the brilliant Israeli mandolist Avi Avital and the spectacular Italian cellist Giovanni Sollima as your guides!...

  • Tributes & Legacies

    Tributes & Legacies

    Wednesday 26th Oct - 7:00pm

    This closing program for the season is all about the strength of legacy and the tributes it brought forth from each composer. We begin with...

  • The American

    The American

    Friday 11th Nov - 8:00pm

    In this rich tapestry of American music, invention and reinvention are the warp and weft. There is balm for the soul and invigorating jolts of...

  • Signum Saxophone Quartet & Kristian Winther

    Signum Saxophone Quartet & Kristian Winther

    Thursday 17th Nov - 7:00pm

    Musica Viva Australia is thrilled to present the internationally acclaimed Signum Saxophone Quartet, making their Australian debut!

    Joining violinist Kristian Winther, they will perform a...